Darkness Of The Night (part 1)

from by Pete Miser

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Darkness Of The Night (part 1)

real talk, fam if this is part of God’s plan
then damn count me out ‘cause I’m about to surrender
I suppose that’s the point if you listen to the words
from the sermons that I’ve heard to A Grief Observed

hard to be sure when emotions are stirred not shaken
and hearts are pushed past breaking
as-salamu alaykum peace be with you
miss you hit you in whatever next I get to

let you into my heart from the start
as if I had a choice once I heard your voice
newly minted imprinted when you lifted
me into a cradle made of love and two arms

safe from all harm that eventually would find me
life is not easy I don’t need you to remind me
but I can find the way through the darkness of the night
just because my mama taught me right

Alan Deale:
as we sojourn in the valley of death
let us not forget the sunshine that was on the heights of life

real life, player times is tough
stop the ride man I’ve had enough
too sad to bluff and act nice in mixed company
maybe that’s why mixed company has had enough of me

it’s tough to be all smiles while pain piles up
small talk while my thoughts are focused miles up
don’t believe in heaven I wish I did
I’d run to join my mother and her other two kids

sometimes I want to live and sometimes I don’t
don’t quote don’t know if I believe what I spoke
hope most folks know I’m just going through a phase
wrote most of these lyrics during really dark days

I’m in a haze trying to get my head straight
lift off the dead weight meditate
let fate guide me through the darkness of the night
and trust that my mother taught me right

Alan Deale:
as we sojourn in the valley of death
may these moments here together deepen our sense of comradeship


from Depression Era Thinking, released August 1, 2017
written, produced and performed by Pete Miser
P. Ho (Big Brother Lin Drum Music, BMI)
bass: Jonathan Maron (heavily chopped by Pete) voice-over: Alan Deale (First Unitarian Church of Portland)




Pete Miser Brooklyn, New York

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