Radio Free Brooklyn

by Pete Miser

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released January 1, 2002

Mastered by Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound NYC


all rights reserved



Pete Miser Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Bring It To The Masses
Player do what I told you / The track's gonna fold you / You still mad about the oregano I sold you? / I hold you responsible for your own actions / Fuck around and get your face wrecked like Michael Jackson's / Not a has-been yet but I ain't no rookie neither / Got an off beat style to make you dance or have a seizure / Either or it don't matter to me / The whole world's runnin' down like a battery be / And I'm on Avenue B with a sign that says "God's coming" / And all y'all pushers and cops better start running / 'Cause when she arrives she's gonna be pissed as hell / or out on Canal with t-shirts to sell / I'm trying to change the world before I change my mind / In these changing times I find it strange that I'm still sane watching the world gone mad / Posted up on the Ave with a pen and a pad

"Pete Miser bring it to the masses"

Now for the record it's a…
Celebration, tune into your local station / Apocalypse now from the foul mouth half-Asian / Pedro hey yo lay low if you hate bro / Ain't no need for you to move without my say so / Stage show poppin' stoppin' them in their And-1s / Handsome lyrical phantom with fans that span from / All corners of the globe / cold like a la mode / Phone tapped now I'm speaking in code like / (Shout out to the Last Poets) / That's just the start of it / Retarded shit every time I rhyme then I departed with / A flash of light mashin' right out the area / Young player making waves like an aircraft carrier / Staring your clique down my shit pounds / I spit sounds so cold even the thermostat gets down / I flip frowns downside up / and then rewind if you ain't had enough

"Pete Miser bring it to the masses"
Track Name: Radio Free Brooklyn (feat. Farrah Burns and Blowout)
Remember the bright lights? / Remember the frightening sight? / Remember the first dark night the way you feared for your life? / I don't remember the place I was when the president died, but I recall the falling nuclear rain and burned skies / Lucky that I was underneath ground hidden beneath the beat down freaked out listening for some street sounds / The subway shook then stopped I got knocked out / Woke up hours later when I heard a wounded cop shout, / "you o.k.? Well just hold tight then" / He disappeared into the dust I never saw him again / The tunnel was caving in I made my way fumbling through the dark / Trippin' over debris and body parts / Can't start panicking ran up in the toll booth / Tried to call for help but then I learned the cold truth / The phone was dead and so was the attendant but her radio was on and it said New York was gone

(Mike tells it like it is)

Whoa, Nelly! Sorry about the turbulence. If you're just tuning in, you're listening to Radio Free Brooklyn. That big bump you felt is what we in the industry call a "nuclear attack." Looks like Manhattan as well as the Southern portion of the Bronx is gone. Brooklyn sustained considerable damage. Kids, it's safe to say that schools are closed. Stay tuned to Radio Free Brooklyn for more information.

I don't know if we will find our way

I recall moving at a slow pace / My life flashed before my eyes I saw birthdays and the murder rate sky high multiplied by aggression / Then I thought I took my last breath when the Earth moved / Shift my spirit a bit collided with virtues and amendments / Should I drop to my knees, Lord and repent? / Or was I sent to spread the word through these vents we call Radio Free Brooklyn? / While you're at it / Forced to kick habits / Sorry if I'm being too dramatic / Would this be the time to practice black magic? / Or do I need to rest my head on the Craftmatic? / Think of ways to free my people from political bondage political nonsense / I'm sick of arguing about our problems / Now I'm dodging anthrax and suicide bombers instead of walking the steps of our forefathers

I don't know if we will find our way

Paralyzed from the waist down / Look around, every man face down / Nothing makes sound / Strange the way these airplanes went down / Millisecond flashback back to the military combat / Cemetery now with the black clouds covering and hovering about / My body's half out / Struggling, using my arms fumbling, nuclear bomb crumbling due to this harsh government / Fist clenched sixth sense something within distance / Sick stench penetrates my nostrils I pinch them with one hand / Didn't make a difference / I'm done, man / Ninety percent of my body burned without a sun tan / Crawling forward toward something audible / Possible portable audio maybe earphones / Get close to take it off the head that's still cookin' / Only sound I've got in Radio Free Brooklyn

I don't know if we will find our way
Track Name: Ho-Made
Not to be played with and can’t be faded / When the rhyme I write is integrated / into your headpiece I said “peace” but still was hated / Son of a native / With chinky eyes standard issue they diss you on schoolyards and won’t play with you / If you come from the wrong seed, wrong breed / Sometimes you find a strong need to assimilate the hate but wait / Years later I contemplated the stated hatred in addition to the low self esteem it generated / Never segregated but berated with racial slurs on occasion / Facin’ the fact some kids don’t like half-Asians / With due prudence I tiptoed through the affluence of my so-called peers / Dismissed my so-called fears / Also hauled tears back into my eyes when it was wiser / Anglicized my name to "Miser" some say a self conscious attempt to exempt myself from bigotry sent my way / but I say they read too much into it

"Yeah you little" "Miser" "It seems that you're a ho"

Newly nicknamed I spit game but didn’t lose the name that I was born with / Adorned with disses that came with it / If it was specific to my nature I might take the ignorance to heart and start to hate the miniscule minds that tried to ridicule mine / But individuals shine in those difficult types of times / He who writes rhymes laughs last but didn’t laugh then / Askin’ why my ass got harassed back in my younger years when numbered tears ran my facial / Didn’t think of Mom and Dad in terms of interracial / But other kids did so I hid from the informal / Lessons guessin’ them talkin’ mess was just normal / But lookin’ back puttin’ that all into perspective / Me being rejected might have been a hidden blessing / 'Cause now I get paid for the fact my flavor strayed away from them and in the end all of my ends are Ho-Made

"Yeah you little" "Miser" "It seems that you're a ho"
Track Name: Fiscal Fitness
- It's the don't give a fuck bad luck bringer of static chromatic scaled reptile arts and craftsmatic unadjustable spontaneous combustible under pressure lech to get your daughter uncomfortable
- It's the no holds bar tended farm handed overstandings that landed on the lips of rural "real" rappers Trapper John mic doctors poppin' in gym lockers pushing a busted walker over Rakim's ledge
- It's the fucked up at the ho-down no can slow down roll down the window of a Pinto in a hail storm warned of my presence like sadistic Santas caffeined beyond mean off Little Joe from Bonanza
- It's the hyper sensitve hip hop representative house and senate incentive nag champa lyrical llama calm a crowd down with a foul sound with your brown cow wondering "how now?"
- It's the Hawaiian Punch pullin' tractor mack factor that your kids smoked dope to in a Jetta on school grounds the new sounds that blew down old oaks and old folks and cold soaked the dishes leaving not one spot
- It's the big ball point joint bender resolved to render bitmapped shit stacks at high-res with old tricks up two sleeves and more kicks than new seeds planted granted eyes slanted just because eye said
- It's the slap-happy jack pappy non-nappy fro holder no colder than cold shoulders no hotter than tea water slaughter house ruler protooler of wave forms big pimpernickel wetted up in the brainstorm
- It's the known to rap fly and leave you seeing through two black eyes cat to stack my chips on plates made of paper state the nature of your business cake your hands with the flow for fiscal fitness

It's the what?
Track Name: Endure
Last time I saw you, you were walking away down Sunset Boulevard in L.A. shining / Like cellmates rhyming just to pass more minutes you and I got sentences we might not finish / Pop star not far from super nova / You're a soldier with looks to get you over I told you / For all we've done and what we come from you and I shouldn't still have to scrap for crumbs

And it's a long time coming but it still ain't here
And it's a glorious future but it still ain't clear
And I feel anticipation but it still ain't fear
So I'm gonna keep on building 'til they lend an ear

Yes yes, y'all…

Do you remember in '96? / Hot tea a warm coat and guitar picks? / Hands so cold you couldn't play the licks? / Angelique to the beat Pete "on the mix" / And now years later nothing much has changed / You got your record deal but you're still the same / Seems like struggle is the name of the game / But at the end of the party I'm still glad I came / See the fame ain't the reason for the rhymes I write / And definitely ain't no money got me up all night / But when I walk home late without a friend in sight / It's the rhymes on my mind that make it seem alright

And it's a long time coming but it still ain't here
And it's a glorious future but it still ain't clear
And I feel anticipation but it still ain't fear
So I'm gonna keep on building 'til they lend an ear

Yes yes, y'all…

If I had my way we'd both have made it / Known around the globe rich famous and shameless / But right now I'm nameless in a sea of faces / After being on tour in 'bout a million places / But if I wait this too might pass / And maybe I can find some peace of mind at last / But I don't spend my dreams on cream and green grass / Just to see them being shattered and scattered like shards of glass / Turn the page add years to the age / I'm on the East Coast heard you got engaged / The whole happening and nothing's strange / The only thing that stays the same is the presence of change / We endure / Try to keep the words pure / Place faith in good grace even when we're unsure / It's a long time coming but it still ain't here / Hold tight 'cause when it's right it will appear

Yes yes, y'all, and you don't stop...
Track Name: For You
I've been so many places girl for you / Missed my favorite t.v. show for you / I've been through hell and back, homegirl for you / And I'd do it all again ten times for you

For you

I've chased down too many cabs for you / I firmed up my chest and abs for you / I'd knock off four liquor stores right now for you / And I'd come back with all that cash for you / Or I'd keep some and buy a new dress for you / Take you out dressed to impress for you / And when the cops came I'd surrender quietly for you / And I'd take on this whole legal mess for you

For you

I'd do what I have to to get at you and I'm glad to 'cause you're bad to the bone, baby / Crazy 'bout the way she makes me sweat / Treats me like a dog even makes me fetch / Get left in a minute if I ain't with it / Best be committed or she'll say "forget it" / The digits didn't come easily a measly sum: Freedom for one man gotta plan gotta run / Come follow me / Takes all of me to be the cat she be looking at and that in fact be where it's at / We rap 'til late hours / This flower got me in a headlock / Sweeter than red hots caught in a dead stop / (Inhale) / Let me get my breath / Ol' girl keeps me runnin' til there ain't none left / Tells me I can study but I still can't test / But I'd give this heart up in my chest

For you
Track Name: Toothbrush
Don't mean to be self indulgent / Wish I could pull this out of my head / Leave it by the roadside dead / But instead of that there it sits and festers, messing with my cranial clump / "Should have given [her] the bump" is what my homeboys say / No noise stays, ringing my ears, singing my fears out i-Tunes® play lists / Even the captain couldn't save this ho / Sprayed this flow like Krylon® resort to stalking like nylons / or cried 'til I was red eyed like bitch-made cylons / Splittin' a J. / Driftin' away in the Battle Bucket Galactica / In fact its the kid who practiced the tactics of kamikaze lemmings / And left my head spinning like Peggy Flemming / Dig it, right there I showed my age but still insist on acting my shoe size / Whose lies will I believe? / Anyone's I guess / my stomach of steel digests everything from bicycle parts to Fran Tarkington's hairpiece / Feast on feces she speaks softly in my ear / Clear as a bell rocked by Uncle L / Ladies Love Cool J but don't know how to show it / Cradle cardio carefully before you blow it / So it's against this back drop the mack mops floors with bunny slippers slippin' from my bedroom door / Feet drag like queens, drag like races / Know what I mean? / For real, are you listening or what? / To make a long story short, it sucks when you've broken up with your girl but she's still stuck in your mind / Wake up one morning days later just to find / She's gone for good but still left her shit behind and it reminds / Fuck you and your toothbrush
Track Name: Got That
One of them regular cats you find all over the damn map New York City to Phoenix rocking dusty ass Adidas / Fiendish for wax and anything that'll heat up the track / You'll find me in the back of the store 'til my fingers are black now listen / You caught me diggin' through crates I'm on a mission / Siftin' through old cuts like I was panning for gold dust / Mold must and mildew don't stop me when the fever's got me / Probably find it in my lungs at my autopsy / It don't matter rather die before my time than never find a record that's been sittin' on my mind / My wrists will never shine / No Prada or fine wine / You got obsessions? / Fuck it I've got mine!

Got no Bentley or Rolls but friends I got that
Got no bitches and hoes but love I got that
Got no fat gold rope but hope I got that
Got no full length mink but karma I got that
Got no platinum link but style I got that
Ain't got no ice grill but skills I got that

Got a lot of what I need and got little of what I don't / Got the hots for J-lo but if she ain't willing I won't / I got no castle or moat but I got a cool crib in Brooklyn / Got a lot of company 'cause I got nine stray cats I took in / Been lookin' for a job but I got an occupation making funky beats and speaking to the younger generation / I got Asian eyes and I got a Chinese dad / And I got a bad habit of jonesing for the things I never had / I guess we all do fall to our knees / Beg please for things and cheese from the powers that be / But see a little girl said some words I'll never forget she said / "You get what you get and you don't get upset!"

Got no Mercedes Benz but people I got that
Got no golf cart on rims but taste I got that
No Alizé by the crate but faith I got that
Got no six model chicks but promise I got that
Got no six bottles of Crys but health I got that
Got no STDs but please don't want that

I got an idea gettin' ain't all it's cracked up to be / Don't get me wrong I best get enough for me / But some folks want every last bit of stuff they see / Lust for things / Diamond encrusted rings / Stuff that blings don't mean a thing to me / Never are the keys to happiness that they seem to be / Money ain't freein' me bringin' to a state of nirvana / I'd rather be on a Dalai Lama tip skip the drama / All I need is what I got and I've got plenty of that / Many have cracked under the pressure when they measure the gap between what they've got and what the next man holds / But yo, that envy disappears soon as the next man folds / Got more than I need of the he say-she say / The shit I want to get got can't be bought on E-bay / These days, people want it this instant like replay / Me, I just wanna jam like L.A. freeways / Be safe and connect with real folks / Live life right and realize real hopes / Real scopes aimed at people who be thinking like me / All I want is what we all got to be and that's free

Ain't got no stretch S.U.V. but family I got that
Ain't got no Hummer on Ds but talent I got that
Don't even own no ride but pride I got that
Ain't got no nuclear sub but patience I got that
Ain't got no gold hot tub but respect I got that
Got no Versace designs but time I got that
Track Name: Tell Me Why
Tell me why these cats gotta mess with me when all I wanna do is m.c. y'all brothers can blow me like the breeze/And tell me why all of y'all think that all in all it don't matter none what you say just as long as y'all get paid? (Repeat)

What's it really gonna take? / Do I dedicate all of my heart and soul? / Do I hold each grudge 'til it won't budge trudge through the desert and struggle 'til my skin goes cold? / If I go gold will the "real" heads diss me? Will the airhead females try to kiss me? / If I get shot like Pac or Biggie on my rise to the top will anybody miss me?

Chrous …What the world could they be wantin' see, from little old me? (Repeat)

Why when I paid so many dues do blues still gotta come my way? / Will I get love for the words I say? / Do I gotta move weight to make my pay? / How many tight rhymes must I bust before I see bread instead of just crust? / And why do I lust for ancient wax like sunken-eyed crackheads lust for dust? / And how many blocks do I gotta walk for respect and peace and love? / How many demo tapes do I gotta make before I get praise instead of just shrugs? / And who's gonna say we kicked it like best friends when I make them ends but ain't gotta minute right now 'cause a fella ain't in the Billboard Top Ten? / I do believe I've seen my fair share of hard times and scandalous scenes / But a fella gotta keep them dreams or your ass is gonna wind up broke / And it ain't no joke so I don't smoke trees / keep my lungs clear so I can breathe / Keep my head clear and believe that in the end somebody's gonna see

Chorus …What the world could they be wantin' see, from little old me? (Repeat)
Track Name: Might Be
Dust to ash and ash to dust / Cameras shoot but don't focus fast enough / Downtown covered in trash and a lasting hush / Newsmen scrambling asking us / "What did you see and where were you?" / And "did they get anybody that you knew?" / Meanwhile there's a party up 8th Avenue / Big screen CNN and plenty of brew

And no one wants to be alone tonight / Someone's rallying the troops to fight / The president's trying to make show of might / Might be that we're all wrong we might be right

Walking 14th from West to East to say the least everyone's stunned some talking 'bout peace / Some talking 'bout war, "we've gotta even the score" / Some talking 'bout the Muslims who run the corner store / And I'm gonna be sick if I hear it anymore / Nukes ready in a ship sittin' just off shore / And there's this neighborhood girl I know I've seen before / Talkin' 'bout her mother worked on the ninety third floor / Just part the masses school kids with no classes / Flags at half mast / Smiles that are half fast / Bush pushin' for us to have the last laugh / But there's no room for laughter after this blood bath / Just fast and pray / Prepare for the last day / Cast away everything that
you're used to / Refuse to believe what we see with our own eyes / In denial believing our own lies


Now I can understand the anger banging out so many hearts / 'Cause it was more than just two buildings that them devils tore apart / But when we start to pointin' fingers I get queasy and sick / Knowing deep in my heart that it comes down to politics / And who died and lied electing George Jr. as God? / And who supplies the arms that usually get used for the job? / And what be making men mad enough to do these things? / And what makes our pain enough for them to want to dance and sing? / One glance brings only superficial answers / But we need to look inside ourselves to find the cancer / Gotta stand for something or you'll fall for it all / While our enemies are training we be off in the mall / And I for one am sick of guns and pointless loss of life / Sick of Christians claiming God but so damn ready to fight / Sick of government officials with their fingers on the button / Tired of heads of state frontin' talkin' loud and sayin' nothing / It's a shame that it came to this but if I raise my fist / It's for peace at least to coexist / And if we have to kill in the name of being free / Then ya'll can start it off by killing me for real


Now I can understand the anger banging out so many hearts/'Cause it was more than just two buildings that them devils tore apart/But when we start to pointin' fingers I get queesy and
sick/Knowing deep in my heart that it comes down to politics/And who died and lied electing George Jr as God?/And who supplies the arms that usually get used for the job?/And what be making men mad enough to do these things?/And what makes our pain enough for them to want to dance and sing?/One glance brings only superficial answers/But we need to look inside ourselves to find the cancer/Gotta stand for something or you'll fall for it all/While our enemies are training we be off in the mall/And I for one am sick of guns and pointless loss of life/Sick of Christians claiming God but so damn ready to fight/sick of government officials with their fingers on the button/Tired of heads of state frontin' talkin' loud and sayin' nothing/It's a shame that it came to this but if I raise my fist/It's for peace at least to coexist/And if we have to kill in the name of being free/Then ya'll can start it off by killing me for real

Track Name: Just One Rhyme
Hold your hat son don’t look back run / Hide the kids I’m low down like high eyelids / Fly with mic skills that might kill more cats in one breath than a Chinese chef / Mic check one two / Nowhere to run you shouldn’t have stalled after you heard "yes y’all" / Test all m.c.s like S.A.T.s / Best say "please" and twist one like Barry Mcgee / Scary to see why y’all brothers starin’ at me / Darin’ to be the only thing that defines me / Pete Miser bring it to the masses / And stay out of sight like Stevie Wonder’s sunglasses

Give me just one rhyme and just one beat / And give me just one chance to rock these New York streets / Feel the heat / Peep this, son allow me to speak/‘Cause, brother New York City is the place to be

If it’s the place to be I will m.c. / The master of the microphone so player leave it to me / The type of kid to burn a rapper to the third degree / And even maitre ds don’t think of servin’ me / Call an emergency if y’all ain’t heard of me / Caught your girl lookin’ over at me nervously / And if I ever made a mill it’s cause I earned the fee / So check it out I cut the record up like surgery like this…

It’s dope flows on tap / I’ll make one hand clap / I make the party get live when I start to rap / I drop verses like suspension on your homeboy’s Lac / I'll make C. Delores Tucker bounce to hip hop tracks / I transmit like fax and I back down to none / Slap down the sun at dusk before I bust / It’s a million and one m.c.s out to crush / I’ll turn their asses to ashes their assets to dust / Dangerous made a fuss now I’m making a name / Made it plain from the start player who got game / Felt the pain of being broke but never felt no shame / 'Cause looking 'round the world I see I really can't complain

Track Name: Central Park
Little kids screaming like the world is ending / Players out pretending they're in love / I've got deli salad that I keep defending from a squirrel posted up behind a shrub / You could say I'm lazy spending Monday lounging / I could say "you're right" and close my eyes / But I'm in Central Park while city traffic's pounding / Peeking through the trees at sunny skies

It doesn't even matter if I missed an appointment
It wouldn't even matter if she told me "no"
It doesn't make a difference if the world don't feel me
I'm busy in the park watching green grass grow

Never take the time to let the city slow down / Every day's a show down on the Ave / Even some old lady's knuckled up to go rounds
talkin' 'bout "you better watch your back" / If I had my way I'd stay a week in the park / Forget about the phone and all the noise / Shower in the fountain as the next day starts / Kick it with the little girls and boys


Hipster honeys playin' cards on picnic blankets / Roller skating music fills the air / Cops don't want to trip no matter how loud they crank it / Everybody's acting like they don't have a care / I've got a date later on but I don't want to leave / The sun's about to set and light the sky / I wish she'd float through like that eight o'clock breeze / Long black hair and pretty eyes…

Track Name: Links
Link for link not linked to herringbone but, links between people sharing homes and food they've grown / Names well known / Ideas in their domes / All that connects and lets us know we ain't alone / Shown the way by the old and gray / Stay connected by the influence of those that passed away / Fray at the seams / Fade like dreams / Made the team, paid still stayed underground like SKEME / Making dents in a system that ain't making sense / We represent and wind up past tense / Beyond frustrated, jaded, mad and upset but it's the links that keep us in check and it goes:

Sister, brother, friend, lover, grandmother, everybody that you've ever known
I don't click the link
I link the clique
I think the trick is to see ourselves as people…

Link for link but not online / The type of bond that's strong enough to make a player pawn shine to buy food for the little one that needs him / Knowing, one day, that may be the seed that feeds him / Breathing the same air that the whole world shares / Fair better than the weather when the ozone tears / Stare at the son / Stand among your younger ones and trust the links to always keep them there.

Link for link not what you think but what you feel / Instinctive ways beyond the phrase of "keep it real" / Signed and sealed on common ground the links reveal / I think the trick is to see myself as people.

Sister, brother, friend, lover, grandmother, everybody that you've ever known
I don't click the link
I link the clique
I think the trick is to see ourselves as people…

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